2 easy no-cost programs raise funds for Charities, Libraries, Schools and other non-profits

Now: Two Programs

where New and Used Books

Create more Funds

to Support the Good done by

Your Charity, Non-Profit, Library or School




Option 1: BeneBook Program

Available to
non-profits, schools, libraries and other charities
located anywhere in the world


Option 2: Book Resale Program

Available only to
non-profits, schools, libraries and other charities
within 300 miles of Cincinnati, Ohio.



Please note this limitation:

The funding created by these programs must never be used for any kind of evangelizing, proselytizing, or political activities. Religious organizations are welcomed to participate so long as the funding supports only non-sectarian activities which make the world a better place.



Pastor Brian Eastman - Revelation Spiritual Church
Dedicated to making the world a better place
by serving those unserved, under-served or overlooked by tradtional churches and ministries

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